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Explore, survive and relax in a world of floating islands, collect materials and build your ideal home.

Just be careful not to starve

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this game has a future, continue with the project to be very cool :)

Thanks ! that's the plan, add more and more so it can be a great game.

It's looking cool. Not sure if it's possible to make pickaxes or shovels yet. I couldn't at least.
- For some reason the "x" to close is not working. Only way to close the game seems to be the Quit Game? on the "Esc" screen.
- It would be nice if when you die the screen would go black (or at least when you fall to the infinite) so the transition is more smooth.
- When you click to collect a flower, for some reason the flower is jumping into the air and it takes a while to fall to the ground before you can collect it. That's very annoying and hard to see what happened. When you click on something, it would be better to auto-collect, or to at least fall on the ground immediately.

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And yes you can build your own tools, there is not tutorial yet that's why is so confusing for now. This kind of feedback is nice help me to take the game in the right direction.

yes the x button is not suppose to be there, to quit is only quit button.. i did that way because when you quit the game, all your progress is saved. I will fix that to to be less confusing.

About going black is a nice idea thanks i will implement that today.

Oh yeah , i will fix the flower to, is a detail whit the rigid body.

Looks pretty solid to me. Good work. It can be endless fun to play in nice functional sandbox.


i hope reach that level soon whit godot 4. Thank's

This is cool, my main issues is the fov is so low it's awful, and It's hard for a clueless player to know what to do

yes you are right, I'm changing the fov for the pc version , and about what to do is because the game need a tutorial. First in fixing bugs and detail...thank's

Hi Aspring15,  I just increase the FOV, you can check now.